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Mumazine is your new best friend. We will entertain you, advise you and act as your sounding board. There's enough fashion, beauty, nutrition and parenting advice to keep you busy through every night feed, nap time and sneaky 5 minutes online. Become part of our extended family, connect with mums like you and find out what your favourite celebrity mum and dads are up to.

Sam Mann Mumazine Editor

With over 12 years' experience as a journalist and presenter Sam has written for most of the major glossies including...

41 articles

Denise Van Outen Mummy Jazz Hands

Star of stage and screen Denise Van Outen needs no introduction. She first shot to fame on the small screen, appearing...

0 articles

Liz Earle Health & Beauty Expert

A mother of five, Liz Earle, is known first and foremost for her passion for beauty, natural health and wellbeing....

2 articles

Laura Sherriff Fitness Expert

Laura is a personal trainer and sports and fitness presenter, her expertise has resulted in her working for some of the...

3 articles

Geraldine Miskin Breastfeeding Expert

Geraldine Miskin is a well-recognised authority on breastfeeding and has worked with babies and their parents for...

4 articles

Dr Antony Zardis Doctor

Dr Antony Zardis trained at the world famous Guys and St Thomas' as part of Kings College Medical School in London....

7 articles

April Phillips

Holly studied at London College of Fashion before joining the Style Advisor team at Topshop Oxford Circus.As a Senior...

1 article

Beverlie Summers Features Editor

Beverlie Summers is a Nurse, Massage Therapist, Reiki practitioner, youth worker, single mother to 4 incredible...

2 articles

Mumazine Guest

Our Mumazine guests write on different topics depending on their speciality. They have been specifically selected as...

26 articles

Angelica Kavouni

On the UK’s specialist register and member of EBOPRAS, Ms Angelica Kavouni has become one of Britain's most requested...

0 articles

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