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Laura Sherriff

Laura Sherriff
Fitness Expert
Laura is a personal trainer and sports and fitness presenter, her expertise has resulted in her working for some of the biggest household names and global brands to spread her passion for health and fitness.

She believes everyone can find a love of keeping fit and healthy and she offers straight forward and practical advice and tips.

She takes fiction and turns it into fact with a far more practical and common sense approach than most fitness and health professionals. Laura’s specialities include helping ‘time short’ individuals maximise their fitness gains but she especially enjoys working with pre and post natal clients.

Laura is passionate about fighting the well documented obesity time bomb and believes that by changing attitudes to food and fitness we can build a healthier future for our children.

Laura is fully qualified in children’s fitness and uses her creative flair to come up with new and exciting ways to keep your little ones fit and healthy in engaging and interesting ways.

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