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Geraldine Miskin

Geraldine Miskin
Breastfeeding Expert
Geraldine Miskin is a well-recognised authority on breastfeeding and has worked with babies and their parents for nearly 20 years, allowing her to develop a unique method, the Miskin method, which tailors breastfeeding advice to suit the individual needs of each mum and baby. She is regularly featured in parenting magazines, on parenting websites and runs a private practice in West London offering consultations and workshops, or Skype consultations for her national and international clients. Her website www.breastfeedingexperience.com and collection of ebooks provide a wealth of knowledge and resources on everything you need to know about breastfeeding.
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5 Crucial things you need to know to improve your latch when breastfeeding

Breastfeeding expert Geraldine Miskin shares tips for improving your latch.

breastfeeding baby

Breastfeeding: 6 things a new mother needs to know

Breastfeeding doesn't always come naturally, the first few hours can be tricky. Here's your essential breastfeeding survival guide.

breastfeeding mum

Essential Breastfeeding Tips For Second Time Mums

The good news is second time round it's much easier, the challenge is one of logistics.

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Are you concerned about low milk supply?

Many mums question whether they are producing enough milk to satisfy their baby at some point on their breastfeeding journey.


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