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Fran Sinclair

Fran Sinclair
Fran Sinclair is a teacher and mum based in Argyll. Her two boys are almost "grown and flown" and so she is currently occupied with decluttering the nest. A teacher with over twenty years' experience, she specialises in working with children who have dyslexia and Autism. Fran is passionate about involving parents in their children's learning, and she can't wait to share her tips on how to boost your child's potential in the classroom. In between teaching and writing, Fran enjoys cooking, gardening, and binging on Netflix. Current fix: Stranger Things.
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Why it is important to read with your child

Teacher and mum, Fran Sinclair, shares her thoughts on reading from books versus technological devices with your child.

Tips for helping your child learn more

Fran Sinclair shares her simple tips for helping your child reach their potential and getting over any barriers they face

Help Your Child To Spell

In this digital age could spelling become a dying art? Teacher Fran Sinclair shares her tips on supporting your child with their spelling.

Tips for Your Child's First Day at School

First day at school can be daunting for both little ones and parents alike. Fran Sinclair, teacher and mum of two shares her tips for making the process that much easier.


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