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Dr Antony Zardis

Dr Antony Zardis
Dr Antony Zardis trained at the world famous Guys and St Thomas' as part of Kings College Medical School in London. During his years of training, he has gained experience both in medical and surgical fields and is currently embarking on a career in general practice. Within these fields he has worked closely with sick children and their parents and provided the best possible treatment and care for them.

He has yet to have the luxury of being a parent, however he is godfather to his much loved and cherished nephew of four. He has done his fair share of babysitting and has always been on the other end of the phone, trouble shooting for the young mums in his family.....lucky them!

As a result, he is keen to fill in the gaps in communication between Doctors and parents, by joining our team and providing up to date information on common paediatric problems. Reassurance is his main goal!
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