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Laura Hamilton gets real about losing the baby weight

Laura Hamilton gets real about losing the baby weight

June 6, 2016 - By Sam Mann

A Place in the Sun presenter Laura Hamilton spills the beans on her incredible body and how she shifted her baby weight.

Laura Hamilton is best known for popping up on our TV screens trying to tempt Brits to relocate to sunnier climes. Mumazine has kept  in touch with Laura throughout her parenting journey. Now she’s a mum-of-two to Rocco (two and a half) and Tahlia (1), we thought we'd touch base to see how things are going, find out the secret behind her incredible figure and get the lowdown on her new fitness app Laura Hamilton - Full Body Workout.

Hey Laura, it's been ages! How’s motherhood treating you?

I absolutely love it. Of course there are times when it is really challenging but Alex and I will often say that it's amazing regardless. Even though Rocco is only two and a half, he’s started to answer back. He’s always slept really well but now he seems to question us at bedtime and he can wake up in the morning anytime between 5.00 and 6.30. Tahlia is a bit easier at the moment and it's great she is now on her feet and walking around.  

You have one of each - do they have different personalities?

I think that Tahlia is a little more chilled than Rocco was at her age, although when you have something that she wants, she definitely let's you know! Rocco was an early talker which helped massively, Tahlia just points at things and makes a noise. Rocco is quite a sensitive little boy. He loves Tahlia and always wants to hold her hand and kiss her but occasionally she pushes him away and he doesn't understand why. I think we are going to have a feisty girl on our hands.

I knew the pains weren't like the labour pains I'd experienced before and my uterus was about to rupture.

Love it! Nothing wrong with a feisty girl. We understand your second birth was pretty traumatic… have you recovered from it?  

It wasn't until after the first night with Tahlia that I realised how differently things could have gone and that the situation had been pretty serious. At the end of the day all that matters is that everything worked out fine and Tahlia and I were both okay. I knew that the pains I was experiencing in my Caesarian scar 2 months before my due date weren't normal - it felt like the scar was opening up and coming apart. Little did I know that it was close to opening internally. I had a gut instinct I wanted a Caesarian with my second birth. I went in to labour a week earlier than the planned delivery date and the hospital wanted me to try for a natural birth but I knew the pains weren't like the labour pains I'd experienced before and my uterus was about to rupture.

How has pregnancy changed your body?

Before I had children I always wanted a boob reduction, now after breastfeeding two I feel like I need implants! Even though I've worked out loads, some of the skin on my tummy can sometimes seem loose. That said, I think it is totally incredible what women's bodies can do and I wouldn't change it for the world. I wasn't someone who had a baby then 48 hours later pinged back into shape. In my head I've always thought 9 months on 9 months off. I've worked really hard to get back in shape, which is not easy when you have two children and a job that involves a lot of travel.  

Have you ever worried about your weight or have you always been disciplined?

I'd never really worried about my weight although I've always been conscious I had bigger legs. I've always been a bit athletic rather than skinny but when I was pregnant I put on around 5 stone. I didn't eat badly, it just seemed to happen.

Is it true that you kick-started your fitness regime and started to lose weight because of a negative comment about yourself you read online?

It's true I read a comment online that said I looked fat and overweight and it most definitely spurred me on. It's silly really because people will always have an opinion on whether they think someone is too fat, too thin, has an annoying voice etc. Ultimately it should be how you feel personally and what the people who love you think that matters. I'm now a stone lighter than I was before I had children.  

You travel a lot and are away from home a lot - how do you make sure you are eating the right things and exercising? 

After I had Tahlia I enlisted the help of a personal trainer. I'd never had one before but I needed some professional guidance. I waited for 3 months after Tahlia was born before I started. Initially I trained with John twice a week then I started going away with work and John and I tried a few sessions via FaceTime. It didn't really work due to rubbish internet connections so we started to talk about having training session videos on my iPhone that I could access whenever I wanted, wherever I was in the world. That is how the idea of the fitness app came about. As well as exercising I am now more conscious of what I eat. I've cut out a lot of sugar from my diet and I eat much less bread or pasta. I eat brown rice, beans, pulses, loads of veg and meat.

What's a typical day like for you?  

It really depends if I'm filming or at home. If I'm abroad filming then I'm usually away from the children for 6 to 8 hours. I’ll get myself and the children ready in the morning, have breakfast with them and I’m out of the door by 8am when the nanny takes over. Sometimes I’ll meet them for lunch, but as soon as I finish we do something fun for kids in the area. I always bath them every evening and read them a story before bed.

I try to stick to the same routine wherever we are in the world and whatever the time difference.  

What’s your fail-safe family recipe?

Fish pie with broccoli and green beans seems to be a bit of a hit with the children. I try to give them whatever Alex and I are eating. They both love olives and I always try to give them loads of veg.

Do you find juggling your career and motherhood hard?

Yes it is extremely hard and it would be impossible for me to work without the help of a nanny. However we only use her 12 days a month and the rest of the time family help if needs be.

Have your ambitions changed since becoming a mum?  

I've always been ambitious but ultimately my children are the most important thing in the world. I love my job and there is still so much I would like to achieve to enable my children to have a good quality of life. I want my children to learn that you have to work for things, nothing is handed to you on a plate.

The summer hols are almost here. Where’s your favourite family destination and why?

We have a family house in Spain in San Pedro near Puerto Banus which I love. We also recently visited Vilamoura in Portugal where I filmed for my new fitness app.

What are your top tips for getting in shape after pregnancy?

  1. Set yourself realistic goals over a 10-day period - perhaps a goal weight.  
  2. Choose a photo to remind yourself of how you'd like to look and use it to motivate yourself.
  3. Be realistic. Don’t expect to get back in shape overnight. A new baby means a serious lack of sleep.
  4. If you are craving sugar try to replace the craving with an alternative like nuts.
  5. Even 15 minutes of exercise each day can make a difference. If your baby is in a routine and sleeps during the day, use the time to exercise.

A new fitness app Laura Hamilton - Full Body Workout.  It's available for the IPhone and Android and is aimed at new mums and those with busy lives. 

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