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Our Mumazine Mums write on different topics depending on their speciality. They have been specifically selected as they are at the top of their field or generally wonderful people. If you'd like to become one of our fabulous mums please get in touch by emailing our Editor Sam at sam@mumazine.com
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child sleeping

Improve Your Child's Sleep

Sleep expert Pam Clark shares her tips to help get your little one to sleep through the night.

overtired boy

Common Child Sleep Myths

There are many misconceptions about children and their sleep – by understanding the truth about sleep, you can begin to address your child’s sleep problems.

Child Sleeping

Tips For A Smoother Bedtime

Are you at breaking point when it comes to your bedtime routine or lack of it?

Pregnant woman with contractions

Braxton Hicks Or True Labour

It can be hard to tell the difference between real contractions and the body's way of preparing itself for when the time comes.

child with flu

Natural Alternatives To The Flu Vaccine

Lifestyle changes that can boost your immunity and help to avoid the winter influx of colds and flu.

Overdue pregnant woman

Overdue Baby

Could a hot curry or a night of passion really encourage baby to make an appearance? Midwife Regina Covington takes a scientific look at naturally inducing labour.




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