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Our Mumazine Mums write on different topics depending on their speciality. They have been specifically selected as they are at the top of their field or generally wonderful people. If you'd like to become one of our fabulous mums please get in touch by emailing our Editor Sam at sam@mumazine.com
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green beans

Liz Earle Adds Some Oomph To Your Veg

Bored of boring Veg? We've got four amazing recipes - courtesy of Liz Earle.

Cranberry And White Chocolate Cookies

Annabel Karmel's Cranberry And White Chocolate Cookies

A tasty recipe for the whole family to enjoy but also a great idea for a very unique christmas gift.

Annabel Karmels Goldfish Cupcakes

Easter is the perfect time for baking with the help of little ones and these cupcakes are fun and easy to make

Placenta teddy bear

Recycle Your Placenta: 10 Crazy Ideas for Adventurous Mums

Fancy sauteed placenta? Or wearing your maternal membrane Lady Gaga-style? We round up some of the best and most creative uses for your afterbirth.

Mum and Dad in bed with baby

Three Is A Crowd

Are you struggling to get your sex life back on track after having a baby?

juliet and daughter

Tips For Traveling With Kids

With thoughts of our summer holidays keeping us warm and helping to lift our spirits during the dark months we catch up with Juliet Kinsman, travel writer and founding editor of boutique travel company Mr & Mrs Smith.




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