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Recycle Your Placenta: 10 Crazy Ideas for Adventurous Mums

Recycle Your Placenta: 10 Crazy Ideas for Adventurous Mums

July 7, 2016 - By Mumazine Guest

Fancy sauteed placenta? Or wearing your maternal membrane Lady Gaga-style? We round up some of the best and most creative uses for your afterbirth.  


It seems like eating placenta is all the rage in celebrity world. Ex-Atomic Kitten Natasha Hamilton ate hers. Kim Kardashian showed an interest in the nutritional benefits of hers. And "Mad Men" star January Jones ingested hers in pill form. Even Tom Cruise shared an uncomfortable level of placenta knowledge after the birth of daughter Suri": “I’ve studied placentas. I know dozens of ways to prepare them. I know what wines go with them.” 

As humans we are one of the few mammals that do not eat the placenta after giving birth. We may recoil in horror at the thought, but let's take a minute to look at some of the claimed benefits. Placentophagy - as it's known - is believed to help with:

  • pain tolerance
  • preventing ageing
  • increasing energy levels
  • improving breast milk supply
  • post-natal depression
  • reducing "mummy tummy"

Eating Placenta

Here, we round up some of the best and weirdest ways to eat placenta.

Placenta lasagne

This pasta dish packs a meaty punch. Buonissimo!

Placenta smoothie

Anyone for protein? Be the envy of your gym buddies with the ultimate post-workout placenta shake.  

Placenta pizza

Pepperoni and mushroom is soooo last supper. Next time you dial a pizza, check whether placenta is on the menu.

Placenta pot roast

New addition to the family? Celebrate with the ultimate Sunday roast. No one needs to know it's not the lamb shank they were promised.

Placenta capsules

No time to prepare a placenta feast? Why not pop your placenta in these handy pills? The ultimate health supplement for the mum in a rush.  

Other uses for your placenta

If you're feeling more creative, and eating afterbirth is not your thing - try these weird and wonderful ideas.

Placenta teddy

It's not exactly cuddly and would possibly be more suitable for a horror movie than your little one's pillow. But definitely a good way to encourage an early interest in taxidermy. 

Placenta cosmetics

This commercially available face cream is produced from sheep placenta. Surely there's a budding mumpreneur out there ready to take it a step further. Oil of Afterbirth anyone?

Placenta jewellery

We're not 100% sold on all the ideas on this page, but we rather like these placenta ear rings. Mind you, we'd probably prefer something from Tiffany...

Placenta art

What interior design scheme couldn't be improved with a bit of placenta printing? Perhaps not the easiest paintbrush to wield, but at least it comes with a plentiful supply of red paint.

Placenta dress

Made by a placenta that's been pickled for 2 years, this is one trend that has yet to hit the high street. Lady Gaga eat your heart out.

We'd love to know the weirdest thing you - or someone you now - have done with your placenta. Leave us a comment below.

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