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April reviews sizzling Dubai

April reviews sizzling Dubai

August 8, 2016 - By Sam Mann

Dubai – a hotspot for designer shoppers, fine diners and the international glitterati. We’ve all heard about its appeal to the wealthy jet set. But what does it offer for kids?

April on Emirates flight to Dubai

Mumazine chatted to our very own April, aged 5, about her recent experience of holidaying in Dubai.

April, Dubai is quite a long way away. How did you keep yourself entertained on the aeroplane?

My Mum told me our aeroplane was made by Emirates. They had loads of films for me to watch, like Inside Out and Goosebumps, but I had to stop watching that one because it was a bit scary.

On the plane everyone was lovely. They let me go to the back and help out. I even wore one of their hats.

You got to stay in the amazing Grosvenor House Hotel. What was it like?

We had the biggest apartment ever! It had 2 massive bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a kitchen. I had my own bedroom all to myself.

It even had a big dressing room, which I used when I got ready to go out for dinner.

April Dubai - outfit for dinner

It was really high and I could see for miles from the window. At night all the skyscrapers had flashing lights. They looked like big Christmas trees.

What did you do every day?

The pools were amazing and I spent hours swimming in them. A lot of the time I was the last one in there.

The coolest thing was swimming up to the bar which was in the pool and ordering a cool drink.

april in dubai - royal meridien main pool

When we went to the beach I met a camel. It was bigger than I thought it was going to be, but I was brave and stroked it. I wasn't quite brave enough to ride on it though.

April on beach in Dubai with camel

I kept cool by eating ice cream and drinking milkshakes.

April eating ice cream in Dubai

And when it got too hot, I went to the kids club. I made lots of friends. I especially enjoyed getting my hair done really nicely by the lady who works there and burying myself in the ball pit.

April at kids club in Dubai

Did you see any of the attractions in the city?

We went to the Aquarium, which was in the shopping centre. It was full of amazing things – like big sharks. I was scared at first, but then I got braver.

The underwater  zoo was so cool, I met a massive crocodile called King Croc – and his girlfriend.

april and king croc dubai

What would you say to your friends who wanted to go to Dubai?

It was really good, I think you would like it. you get to swim all day and eat icecream. You need to go to this shop where you can get someone to make a special pot with coloured sand in it, and they can write your name in it.

April making a sand bottle design in Dubai

Mum’s tips for traveling to Dubai

Thanks April! From a Mum's point of view, Dubai has loads to offer kids, but here are some of my top tips for a great family holiday:

  • Check your passports are in date and have at least 6 months left on them before you travel.
  • Prepare for the heat! You'll need Sun factor, sun hats, flip flops or sandals for the beach (the sand gets super hot).
  • Don’t forget a thermometer and medicine. The sun can cause overheating.
  • Keep sipping water throughout the day to make sure you don't wilt in the heat.
  • Covering up in shopping malls is a must for adults (it's more leniant for kids).
  • The time of year you go will massively affect how strong the sun is. Do your research to make sure you can take the heat. (may-September are usually the hottest months).
  • You'll want to travel in air-conditioned style - download the Uber app for cheaper taxis.
  • Many of the hotels do great deals on buffet meals - look around and you'll no doubt bag an all-you-can-eat for a fantastic price.
  • Don't forget to bring home a souvenir to remember your fabulous holiday.

April and family travelled to Dubai with Emirates and stayed at the Grovesnor House Hotel

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