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Alton Towers is the Coolest Place Ever

Alton Towers is the Coolest Place Ever

June 6, 2019 - By April Phillips

April Phillips, aged 8 and 3 quarters, headed to the Alton Towers Hhotel and theme park for 24
hours of fun.

The big surprise

I had an extra day off school thanks to a polling day so my mum surprised me by booking a trip to the Alton Towers Hotel. She was super excited when she told me and I tried to match her excitement but didn’t see what all the fuss was about. I hadn't heard of Alton Towers and, we’d stayed in lots of hotels before.  

It was only once we were whizzing along the motorway and my mum asked what rides I wanted to go on that I realised. Alton Towers is a theme park! Not only that, the best in the country - with super cool rides, amusement arcades, candy floss galore and so much more. 

“Drive faster mum!!!!”

The best hotel in the world

The hotel was so cool. While mum carried the bags to our room, I had a quick look around. A huge flying ship, which seemed to have crash-landed in the middle of the hotel, a sweetshop full of my favourite treats and a bustling amusement arcade…heaven!  

Once we got to our room it got even better. We had an artic explorer’s room, which had a big hole in the wall where I could look out onto the snowy view and someone had even left snowy footprints all over the floor. There was a huge polar bear on my bed, which I named Cuddles - the perfect snuggle companion for bedtime.

“No time for sleep now though there was fun to be had!” 

Singing and dancing

During the evening, the giant flying ship in the middle of the hotel was the place to be as different characters appeared and big girls sang songs. I had so much fun hanging out with Darwin the Dodo, taking part in a magic show and singing with the girls.

I made some new friends and we played arcade games, hide and seek and then I flossed 'til I dropped.

Time for bed and polar bear hugs.

Twists, turns, splashes and thrills

After a delicious breakfast at the Secret Garden Restaurant we took a special train from the hotel to the theme park. Wow! Alton Towers is MASSIVE! There is lots of grass, a huge lake and LOADS of rides.  

The Runaway Train was so cool. It went really fast but I soon got used to it. It was the perfect amount of scariness and fun. 

The Congo River Rapids were scary too, especially when we went backwards. We got splashed lots, especially my mum which I found very funny. We dried off very quickly though. 

My favourite ride of all was Battle Galleons. We sat on a boat that sailed around as people on shore fired water cannons at us. It was so much fun and I got completely soaked. I loved soaking other people on the boats too. 

I enjoyed watching the Wicker Man rollercoaster from afar, but I wasn't brave enough to go on it this time. Next time...maybe. 

Food glorious food 

We had lunch at the Rollercoaster Restaurant. Yes it’s as amazing as it sounds!

We ordered our food on an ipad and my mac and cheese bites literally came loop the looping towards us on a mini rollercoaster. Each table had their own rollercoaster leading to it. It was the coolest thing I’ve seen. I wish every meal was delivered to me on rollercoaster tracks.

I didn't want to leave when we had finished our lunch but mum said we can go back another time. 

Other cool bits 

  • Mum bought me a refillable drink cup so I had a drink wherever I went.
  • I won Spurtle the Turtle by throwing three balls into a barrel - he had a fun day with me going on all the rides.
  • I got my hair braided and it looked really cool.
  • I met all the colourful fish, seahorses, stingrays and big sharks at the Sealife centre.
  • I met friends at the hotel and a new friend at the themepark.

Mum’s tips 

  • A stay in the Alton Towers Hotel really adds to the magic of the whole experience. Check out the different themed rooms before booking. 
  • Check out a map of the themepark online before you go and work out the rides you would like to go on. This will save time and little legs when you get there.
  • If you do manage to get into the park early make the most of it and find out which rides are open first. Wicker Man was open early on the day we visited. 
  • There's lots of walking involved, so it's a good idea to make sure little ones have had a good night’s sleep and have plenty of energy. 
  • Book the Rollercoaster Restaurant in advance - it’s such a cool experience it would be a shame to miss out. 
  • Don't stress and feel as though you have to cover the whole park. It's such a huge place. Stop for lunch - the grounds are a perfect setting for a picnic, enjoy the scenery and have fun.
  • The queue for the Skytrain can get busy at the end of the day, perhaps leave a little earlier or chill out in the park at the end of the day so you're not rushing home at the same time as everyone else.


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