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TV's Jenni Falconer on the Art of the Juice Detox

TV's Jenni Falconer on the Art of the Juice Detox

Monday, January 19, 2015 - 15:14

Photo: Jenni Falconer

Celebrity Mum Jenni Falconer is known for her boundless energy and killer physique. Mumazine talked to her about one of the secrets to her success: juicing. Find out what how she does it, what her favourite recipe is, and how you can kickstart your life with just a bit of blended fruit and veg!

Tell us about your juice detox, Jenni?

I've done a couple of juice detoxes before, they started as a way to cleanse my system after a period of over-indulgence and the end result left me feeling so uplifted that I try and commit to it every couple of months now. I've only ever tried it for 5 days but this time I'm on the Juice Master 7-day detox and it's going well.

My hubby James and I do the detox together. He's really good at committing to it and does not cheat at all. My willpower is not as strong as James’ so having him alongside me helps me keep on track.

I find the detox tough to stick to, particularly the second day. However it's only a few days. The juices we have are loaded with veg as well as fruit so there are a lot of nutrients loaded in each drink. I also have a banana and an avocado if I'm hungry. You're meant to take these as your emergency food but I have them as standard. I get up at 2.30am for work and need to keep energy levels high throughout the day to stay awake; I'm also training for the marathon, so I don't want to scrimp on calories. That said, the juice diet does provide the calories you need - it's a myth that you're starved on one of these detoxes. You are in fact getting all the calories and nutrients you need. You just don't chew or crunch your way through anything solid!

How to make: Berry Banana Crunch

This is my favourite juice recipe. 

You'll need:

  • 2 Golden Delicious apples
  • Mixed berries - fresh or frozen
  • Natural yoghurt or soya
  • 1 ripe banana 
  • 2 tablespoons of mixed seeds – sunflower, pumpkin, sesame and linseed
  • Ice (1 small handful)

How to make it:

  • Juice the apples and pour into the blender.
  • Add all the berries, natural yoghurt, banana, seeds and ice, and blend for just a few seconds.

Top tips for juicing

  • Spend time researching your juicer – there are lots of brands out there and prices range hugely. Read reviews and one of the most important things to bear in mind is how easy the juicer is to clean. A juicer which is a pain to clean is likely to put you off juicing.
  • Preparation is the key - Stock your fridge with fresh fruit and vegetables to make it easier to stick to – if you don’t have the right ingredients to hand you are likely to cut corners or find the whole process stressful. Beko’s American-style fridge freezers feature NeoFrost technology which helps to keep food fresher for longer.
  • Designate a fridge drawer – fill a drawer full of everything you need for juicing so everything is easy for you to find. If you share your home, let other people know that the contents of the drawer is for juicing only, that way there will be no need for an investigation into where the missing ginger has gone when your juice is missing that zing!
  • Juice for taste - Juice vegetables and fruits you would eat together – it sounds simple but for some reason people new to juicing have a tendency to ‘chuck it in’ and hope for the best.
  • Leave the fruit and vegetables which produce more juice (cucumber, apple) until last so they flush out the juice of the ingredients which produce little juice (ginger, herbs)
  • Don’t waste time peeling unnecessarily - don’t feel you have to meticulously prepare everything, many ingredients are fine to be juiced as they come.
  • You should definitely peel: kiwis, waxed fruit, citrus fruits (if you want the pure taste of the juice without the skin's oil and the pith's bitterness), or any other ingredient where you're concerned the skin will affect the taste.
  • Do the taste test – taste the juice as you go along and add ingredients like you would when cooking a soup or casserole. Stir the juice before trying it.
  • Keep moving – the Juice Master himself says metabolism is primarily generated by moving, so to increase your metabolism it is essential to keep mobile and clean out the lymphatic system.

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