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CBeebies Star Andy Day

CBeebies Star Andy Day

December 12, 2014 - By Mumazine Guest

The presenter tells us about his life as a children's TV entertainer and the attention he gets from mums.

We're used to seeing Andy Day on our screens with his companion Kip in Animal Adventures. We caught up with him to find out what it's like being a presenter on CBeebies and why he sees himself as a very unlikely Christian Grey.

Tell us about the fascinating world of children’s TV, is it all smiles and laughs or do you ever have any dramas?

Oh yes, it’s like a soap opera! Ha-ha, no it may sound like a bit of a cliché but we really do have that much fun. Obviously we all have our off days but generally it’s such a friendly environment to be in and when you’re working with children the audience is so honest and fun and you need that atmosphere in order to be able to do your job well. We really do have a right old laugh in the studio and so many ideas get bounced around, so yes it really is how the viewers see it and a really nice happy environment to work in.

I guess that it can be a bit like being a parent though where you get days when you get up and don’t feel as energetic as others?

It’s like any job particularly being a parent I’d imagine, although I’m not a parent myself. It’s a full on full time job where, when you’ve got a break you haven’t really as you’ve got a whole list of things that you have to do, so it really is non-stop. As with any job you get good days and bad days, but I’ve got to admit that compared with a lot of jobs this is a really good one to have.

Even on days when you’re feeling pretty miserable, after smiling and dancing around all day you must feel happier and a bit more upbeat?

Yes, absolutely. You create an atmosphere in the studio, which can be a bit like being on stage with the adrenaline rush that you get, and you have the challenge of doing new things every day. I’ve been doing this for many years now and I love that I’m constantly creating something new.

So would you say that you enjoy it when you get to perform your shows and you come face-to-face with the kids?

Yes, that’s the best part of redoing Tick-Tock at the moment, and things like the CBeebies pantomime where you can interact with the kids and see their smiling faces. I think it’s a real visual reminder of what you are doing, and I’d say most performers love to be on the stage because it’s so rewarding to see the reaction that you get from the audience.

It’s so weird because until you become a parent you don’t come across this whole world of children’s presenters.

That’s right, it was the same with me before I joined CBeebies. I wasn’t a parent and I didn’t have many friends who had kids so I had no idea of this whole new world. It’s quite a bubble as you’ve got an audience of the kids and the parents who are watching along with them, so it’s usually only parents that recognize me. It was very strange for me for the first year of joining CBeebies at how popular the channel is, and the feedback you get is that the channel that parents trust. They are happy to leave their children to watch the programs because they are educational, fun and safe to watch…. some even use it as a babysitter!

We hear that some of the mum’s forums have been saying that they can’t wait to watch CBeebies as they have taken quite a liking to some of the male presenters…

It’s lovely and quite funny but I’m guessing that it’s something that comes with the territory as they are mums and they are sitting in front of the TV if they’re at home with the kids and they feel like they know you. Sometimes they see us more than they see their husbands so you kind of become like a family member or maybe a bit of a crush.

A few parents managed to get hold of my number and I did receive a few texts and even a picture! 

So it's like move over Christian Grey, the mums are into the guys from CBeebies?

Ha-ha, 50 shades of grey we are not!

Have you ever had any weird and wonderful fan letters?

When I first joined CBeebies I actually had my number on a showreel that I was sending out to some production companies. It was still online so a few parents managed to get hold of my number and I did receive a few texts and even a picture! I soon removed it. It’s generally nice appreciative letters that you receive, it’s all very positive.

You’ve said that you don’t intend to stay at CBeebies forever, do you ever look to the future as to what you want to do?

I’m pretty open to it to be honest and I’ve already got a few projects on the go. I enjoy playing the ukulele and I’m writing some songs, there is a possibility that Sid and I will be making a rap album together and I’ve got an album of my own which I’m putting together for little ones. 

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