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Denise Van Outen shares her girly holiday snaps

Denise Van Outen shares her girly holiday snaps

October 10, 2014 - By Sam Mann

Denise van Outen, daughter Betsy and friends took a well-earned break to Cape Verde. Find out what they got up to...

It's been a very busy year for Denise Van Outen: writing her own one woman show – “Some Girl I Used To Know” – and taking it on a nationwide tour before bagging a three-week run in London's West End.

 It's been a big year from Denise's daughter Betsy too as she started 'big' school. It hasn't been all work and no play though for the pair as they took a well-earned break at a luxury resort on the island of Cape Verde with friends including Mumazine's Editor Sam and her daughter April. 

Family fun

“I love a good girly holiday! Over the years I have been away with most of my mates and had amazing experiences. Now that a lot of us have kids, I love that I can bring Betsy with me – who is in her element when she has other little ones to play with.”

Into Africa

I'm so lucky I have been away to some amazing places over the years for holidays –and with work too. This time I really wanted to go somewhere a bit different, somewhere I'd never been before. I also had a couple of other requirements – guaranteed good weather and child-friendly facilities.

I had just started looking into where to go when my mate Lydia told me about her fabulous holiday in Cape Verde. After a spot of Googling I was sold. Betsy was sold too: 'Cake Verde' which was bound to serve up plenty of sweet treats sounded exciting!"

Home sweet home

"After a fairly stress-free flight with the kids (it’s all about teamwork!) we were soon making ourselves at home at the resort.

We opted for a four-bedroom villa so we could all stay together and take it in turns to keep a watchful eye over the youngest members of our gang. The fridge was stocked with goodies.

We even had our own pool!


Taking the plunge

"We didn't hang around to unpack. The little ones were on a mission; they had some discovering to do. There wasn't a high-rise building in sight, just beautiful clean buildings. 

In addition to our own pool, the complex was dotted with many more. These were top of the list for our little explorers. One of the more impressive pools had it's own swim-up bar for the adults – making a Club Tropicana moment hard to resist!"

That’s entertainment

"A cute building brightly decorated with kid's creations was a real treat for Betsy and her best friend April (and a godsend for frazzled mums). The girls made sand ornaments, clay models and came out each time with a new freshly painted design on their faces.

At night the fabulous entertainers would put on a kids disco, which Betsy and April loved. Although a little hesitant at first, Betsy turned into real disco diva by the end of our trip. That's my girl! 

The excitement would peak each night when the entertainers stepped it up a gear and danced the salsa and samba - giving Brendan Cole a run for his money. It was my girlfriends who pointed out a certain male dancer had some rather eye-watering jiggling going on,which had us all in fits of giggles, especially aswe were sat a bit too close to the front."

Muddy waters

"The highlight of our trip was a visit to the salt lakes which were inside a vast volcano. It was like visiting an outdoor spa – the salt water meant we could float on our backs and the mud from the bottom of the lake worked wonders on our skin leaving it super soft."

Denise's 'mummy must-haves' for travelling

  • Trunki - the cute case with wheels really is priceless in the airport saving tired legs.
  • Trunki cushion - the girls loved their neck cushions and they were perfect for a snooze during the flight.
  • Bugaboo Bee - I never use a buggy with Betsy at home but while on holiday when any sleep schedule goes out the window it's really handy.
  • Shampoo for hair - Betsy has really thick long hair so a good shampoo and condition after a day in the pool is a must. Childs Farm 3-in-1 Swim Wash is a shampoo, conditioner and body wash in one works a treat
  • Tangle teaser - great from untangling Betsy's long locks.

Denise stayed at Tortuga Beach Resort

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