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Jasmine Harman On Being A Mum

Jasmine Harman On Being A Mum

September 9, 2014 - By Mumazine Guest

The TV presenter spills the beans on hiring a nanny for her dog, life as a vegetarian and her most important role to date.

A regular on our TV screens presenting shows like A Place In The Sun and Britain's Biggest Hoarders, Jasmine Harman is mum to a 3-month-old baby girl called Joy. She finds time in her busy schedule to talk to Mumazine about her new role, the perfect holiday destination and more...

How's life now you have a new addition to your family?

Life is now very different. I thought I was busy before, but now I don't seem to have a moment to myself! I haven't gone back to work yet and I'm slightly dreading it as I think I'm going to miss my baby girl so much. I even miss her when I'm asleep! I've managed to watch a lot more telly since she was born as I've been glued to a chair whilst breastfeeding! I've not done my hair or make up either and I now dress for comfort, not style! I went out for the first time without her last week to my friend's leaving party, who is going to live in Australia, it was such a wrench to leave her, even though I left her with my mum....needless to say I didn't have a drink as I'm breastfeeding! 

Presenting A Place In The Sun requires spending a lot of time abroad - how are you juggling work with family life? 

When I go back on location, Joy will be coming with me. Last year I took my dog and a dog nanny so this year I certainly won't be leaving my baby behind! 

As a vegetarian, are you planning to bring your daughter up as a vegetarian too?

Absolutely. I choose a vegetarian lifestyle because I believe it is healthier, safer and kinder to animals, the environment and the soul, so it would not make sense for me to give my daughter something I believe will not benefit her. In fact I've gone vegan for January and I feel so much healthier and better in myself, I might make it a permanent thing.                       

Is there a particular stage you aren't looking forward to? (potty training, terrible twos) 

I go between wanting her to stay tiny forever, and thinking I can't wait to see her develop into a little person with her own personality! I suppose the only part I think might be tricky are the teenage years! Hopefully she won't be a terror like I was at that age!

You took a babymoon before your little one arrived - would you recommend that all mums-to-be tried to do the same?

Yes definitely, and make it a bit longer than mine was. I only managed two days away as I was flat out with work, but it was wonderful. We went to Costa Navarino in Greece and I just took the time to relax, eat and spend quality time with my husband just the two of us and no phones or laptops! 

Thoughts of Summer holidays are keeping us going at the moment. Where's your favourite family destination and why? 

I love Italy because the food is great but I don't know if it is so good as a family destination....

We've yet to have a family holiday and I guess our needs and priorities will be very different. We usually go to Chamonix skiing each year and I'm looking forward to Joy being old enough to enjoy a snow holiday. In the meantime though The Algarve is very close to my heart as I lived there for 4 years, it's great for children as the beaches are so wide & safe. 

Resorts seem to be brilliant places for family holidays as there are activities and facilities for children, they're safe, contained and you can get food at any time of day. They have babysitters and you never have to be too far away even if you want a romantic dinner. I think we'll return to Costa Navarino as the Westin resort is brilliant for kids there is so much to do, and Buccament Bay in St Vincent perhaps when she's a bit older as the flight is longer. They even have a performing arts academy which I want to use again! Self catering accommodation is probably the sensible option though.

As the eldest of 7 children, do you think its put you in good stead for looking after your own child?

Definitely! When I was 7 and a half my sister was born and I was so thrilled, I wanted her all to myself. I would change her nappy and she slept in my room in her cot. If she woke in the night I'd soothe her back to sleep, and she even used to call me "Mumin" instead of Jasmine!

As you are from a large family, are you planning on following suit? 

I'd like to have as many as I can, and I'd like another right away but since I had to have a caesarean I've been advised to wait a year!

Is there one baby product you couldn't live without?

The best thing is my Recaro car seat which attaches to the BabyZen pram base. It means I don't have to wake her when I take her out of the car and is robust enough to take the dog for a muddy walk!

We all know time is even more precious when you are a mum - how would you spend your ideal day off?

If I had a day without baby, I'd like to spend it with friends at a spa. Relaxing, have a facial, a massage, manicure, pedicure, hair dresser, the works! A nice lunch, and dinner out with my hubby! Maybe even a movie. Simple things are the greatest pleasures! 

Although right now everyday is a day off work as I'm on maternity leave and I'm enjoying every second! 

Jasmine Harman presents, A Place in the Sun, Winter Sun which goes out every weekday at 2.10 pm on Channel 4.

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