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Dr Ranj's Top Ten Questions And Answers

Dr Ranj's Top Ten Questions And Answers

June 6, 2016 - By Mumazine Guest

The star of 'Get Well Soon' answers some of those burning questions you've been dying to ask him.

The internet can really make you giggle. I was browsing through my website stats the other day, and it brought up a list of terms people have been Googling about me - some of them were a little bit naughty!

So, just for you guys, here’s the top ten most common questions people seem to be asking (minus the naughty ones)!

1. What is Dr Ranj's real name? 

I thought this was easy, but I guess it might not be! My full name is Ranjit Singh. Yes, Ranj is my first name, not my surname, but we like to keep it friendly in my line of work.

2. Is Dr Ranj a real doctor?

Yes I am! I am a NHS paediatric doctor, sub-specialising in Accident & Emergency. I actually get asked this question quite a bit (should I be worried?!) - especially when I’m at work!

3. How old is Dr Ranj?

I am the ripe old age of 34... *cries into laptop*.

4. How tall is Dr Ranj?

I am 5 foot 6. I blame my mum for being vertically (she does too)! Apparently I look taller on-screen, but that’s probably because my Get Well Soon friends are only 3 foot tall!

5. Is Dr Ranj married? 

Nope. I’m single... *plays world’s smallest violin*

6. Where does Dr Ranj Work? 

I currently work in a busy inner-London children’s A&E department.

7. Where is Dr Ranj from? 

I was born and raised in Medway in Kent and moved to London when I went to university. My parents are both originally from Punjab, India.

8. Can Dr Ranj give personal advice? 

I get a lot of enquiries asking for personal medical advice, or if I see patients privately. Unfortunately, I can’t give advice to individual people like that and can only ask that they speak to their own doctor (which is always a better idea than speaking to someone who knows very little about you!). Also, I don’t practise privately - I’m fully NHS!

9. What hair products does Dr Ranj use? 

This one made me laugh! The quiff is all down to the brilliance of Kevin Murphy Session Spray. Honestly, that stuff is magic... *awaits sponsorship deal*.

10.  Are Dr Ranj's eyebrows real? 

Had to finish on a high note. Yes they are! I inherited those from my dad’s side of the family. One day I might donate them to science.

Keep the wonderful questions coming... they’ve definitely made me chuckle!


Are you educated on hypopituitarism .. if so would you be able to personally contact me . I understand that his might be do able but my son is 9 months

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