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5 Minutes With Laura Hamilton

5 Minutes With Laura Hamilton

Monday, July 20, 2015 - 17:21



Best known for presenting A Place In The Sun, Laura Hamilton started her TV career in the wonderful world of children's TV. Now the proud new mum to baby Rocco, she takes time in her very busy schedule to talk to Mumazine about motherhood, her TV career and more...


Congratulations on the new addition to your family - have you been taking it in your stride so far?

Thanks it has been amazing. Rocco is a dream baby, he is 9 weeks old and almost sleeping through the night. I went back to work after 4 weeks and he has been with me.


What's been the best thing and the toughest thing about becoming a mum so far?  

The lack of sleep initially is pretty tough, but the best thing for me was when he made eye contact and smiled on Christmas Day.


Besides presenting, you also do a lot of work for charity. What are your top tips for juggling a busy and successful career with family life?

Being as organised as possible. I'm also very lucky that I have an incredibly supportive family and husband.


Are you a to-do list writer and if so, do you ever manage to get to the bottom of your list or is it never-ending?

I always have a to do list in my phone.  I have got to the bottom of it a couple of times and it feels weird.


You are known for being a bit of an action girl and adrenaline junkie, will this changed now you are a mum?

No not at all! I've jumped straight back in to work literally - I'm a celebrity athlete in Channel 4's Winter show 'The Jump'.


What's the one (3 if you have 3) mummy product you have found most useful so far?

Funky giraffe dribble bibs are fab, my Widgey cushion was great for breast feeding and the Tommee Tippee nappy wrapper bin is handy.


Do you have any tips for looking good on little sleep?

Eyelash extensions are great - I always have Nouveau lashes.  Some good under eye concealer is always good for hiding the dark circles!


Do you think that started off in children's TV has put you in good stead for being a good parent?

I know lots of nursery rhymes which I sing to Rocco.  My days in the 'Fun Song Factory' are coming in very handy.


Hosting A Place In The Sun seems like a dream job - is it all sun and sangrias?

It's harder work than a lot of people think.  The filming days are long and it's not a holiday.  We do get days off though which is nice. It's a lovely job so I can't complain.


We all know time is even more precious when you are a mum - what would be your perfect day off?

Taking Rocco swimming.  He absolutely loves it.

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