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Extreme Breastfeeding: Parents Who Took It To The Limit

Extreme Breastfeeding: Parents Who Took It To The Limit

February 2, 2015 - By Mumazine Guest

We all know that when it comes to breastfeeding, almost anything goes. When babies are hungry there's no stopping the crying until they are fed. So Mums the world over have been known to nourish their little ones in all sorts of weird and wonderful places. 

Here at Mumazine HQ, we've come across some parents who took it to the limit. Here’s our top most extreme breastfeeding moments, in reverse order. 

10. Breastfeeding on Facebook

Emma Bond took it to the limit. Not by posting this wonderfully natural picture of her baby on the breast, but by kicking up a fuss when Facebook asked her to remove it for contravening their nudity policy. The result? Facebook changed their nudity policy to allow for breastfeeding Mums ...and Emma's picture was republished. Sanity prevails!

9. Breastfeeding on a plane

American Mum of three and breastfeeding advocate, Paala, documents her "breastfeeding journey" on her blog (www.paa.la). She seems more than happy to replenish the little ones on a busy plane in front of strangers ...And why not?

8. Breastfeeding during yoga

Yoga enthusiast Amy Woodruff wasn't going to let having a young baby stop her from getting the asanas in. But while she was upside down and naked in a headstand, baby Naia sniffed out an early lunch and crawled over for a sneaky suckle.

7. Breastfeeding on a bike

So what happens when you've got a long bike ride to get to work and you're in charge of the little one? Well, in some parts of the world - this happens! Rock on.

6. Breastfeeding on a motorbike

A young mother was arrested by police for breastfeeding her baby while riding her moped through the streets in China. It is claimed that she was breastfeeding her 18-month-old son while holding him on her lap as she weaved through traffic on her moped. She was pulled over by officers before she caused an accident.

5. Breastfeeding at a graduation ceremony

Mortar boards off to Karlesha Thurman! She didn't think twice about letting her daughter have a little feed during graduation. Whilst doing so, she managed to take one of our favourite ever graduation photos. Nice work, Karlesha. 


4. Breastfeeding whilst meeting the President

Here's a dilemma: you're about to meet the President of your country but your baby needs a drink. Do you shake his hand? Feed your baby? How about both? This young Mum wasn't phased when she met ex President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez.

3. Breastfeeding your pets

Strange as it may sound, the practice of breastfeeding animals has a long history and is still practiced around the world by many tribal people. The reasons for doing so are varied: to feed young animals, to drain a woman's breasts, to promote lactation, to develop good nipples, to prevent conception, etc.  

2. Breastfeeding ...when you're a man

It's thought that it's scientifically possible for a man to be able to breastfeed, but cases are extremely rare. This man from Sri Lanka claims he was able to breastfeed his young children after his wife passed away. If it's true, we're beyond impressed.

1. Breastfeeding while voting in Parliament

Italian member of the European Parliament Licia Ronzulli is pretty serious about her job. She's pretty serious about being a Mum too. She's been known to breastfeed her baby during voting sessions! Hats off to Licia - our extreme breastfeeding winner. 

We'd love to know the weirdest place or situation that you've ever found yourself breastfeeding in.

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