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Tips To Help Banish Back To School Anxiety

Tips To Help Banish Back To School Anxiety

Friday, August 26, 2016 - 19:35



Annette Du Bois is the founder of C.H.A.M.P.S Academy and an international confidence and empowerment coach to children of all ages. She helps children become more confident and resourceful to live their life happier and smarter. Here she shares her tips on helping little ones deal with the anxieties that going back to school can bring.

Carefree sunny days filled with activity, ice cream and fun are now replaced with new shoes, sitting still and change as the autumn term begins! This time of year can be an anxious time for children whether it be moving class, going to ‘big school’ or just getting back into term time routine as children can struggle to cope with change.

Helping your child through the challenges of change can be tough, especially when there’s the morning rush to fit everything in and get out the door all before 8.30am! It’s understandable children may feel a few nerves when returning to school after such a long break but some feel much more than that.

With anxiety levels in children on the increase, here are a few tips to help your child feel calmer, happier and in control about returning to school.

Breathing: Nerves, anxieties and fears all have a significant effect on how we breathe. Changes in your child’s feelings and emotions can cause panicky, quick and uncontrollable breaths. So practice some belly breaths with them, here’s how:

  • With hands on your tummy, breathe in through your nose and make the breath push the tummy out slightly. Breathe out slowly through your mouth to allow your tummy to come back in. Try 2-3 of these breaths for a calming effect that helps your child feel more in control.

Routine: We’re all ‘creatures of habit’ and find security in routine and order. Creating and sticking to a routine will help your child feel more comfortable and at ease with things. This could be sitting and chatting to them whilst they have breakfast or reading with them at bedtime, anything you can do consistently that creates a feeling of comfort and order for your child to become familiar with.

Communication: A lot of communication is sub-conscious and yes we all hear voices in our heads! Trouble is most of what we say is negative, unhelpful and detrimental to our mental well-being and this includes kids too. Unfortunately we’re programmed to think negatively first, the good news is you’re only one decision away from changing that and helping your child too…

  • For the next 24 hours focus on how you communicate (internal and external) and become aware of any negative language (I can’t, I’ll never, I’m…)
  • Each time you become aware of the negative, change it to a positive (I’ll keep trying, when I get this I’ll…)
  • Now take your awareness to your child’s communication and each time you hear a negative or detrimental communication, guide them to swap the negative for the positive.

Raising your child’s confidence provides them with a greater ability to cope with pressure, handle stress and contend with the trials and tribulations of school life.

More from Annette at www.champs-academy.co.uk

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