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April reviews crazy Camp Bestival

April reviews crazy Camp Bestival

August 8, 2016 - By Sam Mann

Camp Bestival is held in Dorset each year. It’s touted as the best festival for families in the UK and a must for any party-loving parents who want to pass on the festival bug to their kids.

We thought we’d get a child’s view on the 3 days of fun. So we chatted to our very own April, aged 5 and three quarters.

Hi April, you're a regular at Camp Bestival aren't you?

Yes. I have been 4 times. I can't remember the first time because I was two but my Mum says I was very excited and ran around lots. She has a painting I did on the wall at home.

Do you remember anything from your previous visits?

Last time, I saw Mr Tumble and Dick and Dom on the big stage. I got my face painted. I went to Hello Kitty World and saw Punch and Judy. There was a funny clown who made me laugh.

It’s a long way - how did you survive the journey?

It was really cool this time because we had a really big car, so we invited my cousins Amy and Daisy and my Auntie Nikki. They’ve never been before. We had lots of room in the car and we played games the whole way.

What was it like when you got there?

Mum told me it was all about space this year the first thing I saw was a massive spaceman. He was really cool and shone a big torch.

What did you do first?

We went straight to get our face painted in this big tent.I couldn’t decide what to have, but I went for swirls around my eyes. Even my mum had her face painted.

Then we went onto the bouncy castle. Mum said it was the biggest bouncy castle in the world. It was very big and I loved bouncing on it with my cousins.

Where did you stay?

We were in a field and we had to find our special number to know where to put our tent. We have a big bell tent and I helped my mum decorate it with flags and fairy lights.

What did you eat?

I like eating lots of different things at Camp Bestival. I had a burger, nachos, macaroni and cheese and my favourite was a giant sweetcorn. I love sweetcorn but at home I usually only have small ones.

Did you see anyone on the big stage?

I saw Mr Tumble again. I did the hokey cokey and this time my cousins joined in.

Mum let me stay up very late one night and I danced to someone called Fatboy Slim. The music was really loud but I loved it.

What would you say to your friends who haven't even to Camp Bestival before?

You definitely have to go because there are so many fun things to do. You can make things, explore and make new friends.

Mum’s tips for making the most out of Camp Bestival

Thanks April! From a Mum's point of view, Camp is a MUST for your first family festival. You'll take away wonderful memories and make new friends.

  • Camping Plus is a real bonus. It has numbered plots, so there's no scramble to get there early for the best spot. Once pitched it’s easier to find your tent again because of the colour-coded sections. The loos flush and showers are warm too!
  • Pack for the great British weather - it can be hot hot hot and then chilly in the evening.
  • Bring food and snacks
  • If your child is small, a trolley is a great way to transport them around the festival - trudging around for hours on end is a lot to ask of little legs. Get to Mr Trolley early and rent one before they’re all gone.
  • Bring ear defenders to protect your kids’ ears when the music gets too loud.
  • And don’t forget ear plugs for yourself. You're never more than 2 meters away from someone snoring or a vocal child who just doesn't want to sleep.
  • Pace yourself and don't stress yourself out over seeing everything. There is so much going on it's best to relax and go with the flow.

April and family travelled to Dorset in a fabulous Volkswagen Tiguan

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