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10 Parenting Blog Tips for Beginners

10 Parenting Blog Tips for Beginners

July 7, 2016 - By Sam Mann

Top Blogger Vicki Psarias aka Honest Mum shares her expertise to help you on your way to blogging success.

Vicki is founder and writer of Honest Mum, one of the world’s most popular lifestyle and parenting sites. Sharing food, fashion, family-life, beauty and travel she is regarded as a pioneer in her field and digital influencer.

Here she shares her top 10 tips for those wanting to follow in her footsteps and start a parenting blog.

1. Find a domain name

First things first, you need a domain name for your site. I used Heart Internet with my site and also bought Honest Dad too giving me the freedom to expand if I choose to. Come up with ideas then search if they are available. I would always buy .com and co.uk with also .co too.  The .com is the most important one! 

2. Go self-hosted

Even if you don’t want to monetise your site now, you might choose to in the future so make sure your blog/site is self-hosted so you have the freedom to do that. 

The simple way to determine the difference between self hosted or not is whether your website has ‘wordpress.com’ or ‘blogspot.com’ etc in the url. If so, it’s not self-hosted. That means it could in theory be removed easily tomorrow and leaves you little control over your work. 

Self-hosted means you have total control to host advertising, add e-commerce tools, splash pages for books and products and more. 

3. What to write?

Everyone asks me ‘should I have a niche?’ I say your voice is your niche and don’t limit yourself unless you are certain you only want to focus one single subject or a couple.

 Also, remember kids grow up and while now you might only want to write about your little ones, you might not always feel that way.

Don’t limit yourself. 

I share all my passions on the site and consider it an online magazine.  I also open it up to guest posts from writers I respect, sharing different perspectives and themes. 

4. Read widely

Read lots of other blogs and across many genres to inspire you.

Comment on other posts regularly too as this is a great way to connect with bloggers you admire and will drive traffic back to your own site as readers pick up on your comments. Also, in some cases, depending on the blogs you visit, leaving comments can help with SEO as you leave your backlinks on other sites. 

5. Keep Honing Your Voice

The more you write, the more you, well, write! Creativity is a muscle to be exercised so keep practising and publishing.

Have someone you admire proof read your posts before going live if that helps you feel better but keep going. Creativity is endless and this journey doesn’t stop, we are all improving with every word we write, photo we take and video we make. 

6. Start Developing a Thick Skin

When publishing online, be prepared for others’ opinions-some not always so kind either! Work on your own self confidence and try not to let other people’s views colour your own. It’s not easy putting yourself out there and publicly too but try and remember that not everyone has to like or understand you and that’s OK. Never let anyone stop you from being yourself and sharing your take on the world, with the world. 

7. Be Your Own Publicist

Promote, promote, promote. Get more American and stop worrying that PR will make you look bad. If nobody knows about your site/product/ amazing new book, how will anyone find you or support your business?!

8. Get Social

Connect online and interact. Not only can you make long-lasting friends but you will also receive leads for commissions through twitter, facebook and instagram. Follow the brands you love and don’t be scared to connect and ultimately pitch your ideas to them too. 

9. Network

In real life! As scary as it might sound, networking is crucial. Events like BritMums Live are superb at bringing bloggers together in a nurturing yet stimulating environment where you can learn and connect simultaneously.  

It’s also a great way to meet brands who have representatives there each year. Don’t forget your business cards!

10. Be kind to yourself.

You might look at established bloggers and feel your goals are unreachable but don’t compare. Know that we all started at the start! 

My site is nearly 6 years old so the time and experience spent working online is going to be reflected in my work and the opportunities I receive.

That doesn’t mean a site which started yesterday can’t be a success too. It can and in many cases, quickly too. 

The birth of Honest Mum

When I started my blog back in November 2010 I never anticipated it would become my full time career. Suffering from a traumatic birth with my first son, I felt lost and alone at the time, and starting my blog truly helped me to rediscover my voice and feel more confident. 

Back then parenting blogs weren’t really ‘thing’ in the UK- but thanks to a great filmmaker friend of mine, Amancay Tapia who persuaded me to start a blog, I bought a domain name and the rest as they say is history. 

Blog Loving

Now, I continue to share my life with my readers while working with global brands. I love how empowering blogging and vlogging is as a career. You have something to say, you simply hit publish.

Importantly, digital careers are flexible as the internet never sleeps. Blogging and vlogging enables me to work around my kids and remotely too. There are not many careers that rival that.  

Whether you want to start a blog and monetise it or not, I hope my tips help you begin your digital journey. 

Happy Blogging and pop and say Hi at Honest Mum!

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